Welcome to the Italian website of Sisters Servants of the Lord. Our International House of Formation is located in Tuscania, Italy, this website is one of our pastoral works here in the house of formation. Enjoy!
Those who are already registered in our “Adopt a Missionary Program” can make online donations through the following Paypal account (click icon below):

We thank you so much for your charity, and support. Thanks to you, the Church can count on consecrated women prepared to faithfully serve God’s people!


What is the “Adopt a Missionary in Formation” Project?:

The adopt a missionary program began in December 2012 as an effort to better prepare our younger sisters for the missions. One of the primary goals of our institute is that as many sisters as possible finish their intellectual and apostolic formation in our International House of Studies near Rome, Italy. Here the sisters can take advantage of high caliber professors, the rich cultural context that Rome offers, and above all the special spiritual experience of living near the Holy Father in the geographical heart of the Church.

How does the “Adopt a Missionary in Formation” Project work?:

Donors can become “Spiritual Parents” in one of two ways: 1. Choosing to become an annual donor, supporting one sister, with a donation that can be made monthly or annually. We leave the monthly amount up to the donor, the average donation is $20 a month. We encourage contact between donors and sisters, allowing donors to follow the sister during her time of formation (between 1-3 years) and then experience with her the joy of receiving her first mission assignment. 2. Persons who wish to support our sisters in a more general or anonymous way can simply make a donation using the PayPal function provided on this page. We thank you so much for your charity, without which we couldn’t continue this work.

How will my donation be used?

Your donation will be used towards the following expenses of an individual sister:

  • the cost for education (books, supplies, teacher stipends)… $550
  • cost of University transportation … $70
  • documentation to stay in Italy for one year.. $230
  • Health Insurance for one year… $220
  • Food and lodging… $700

Who should I contact for more information?

Sister Mary Umilenia: eco.santateresa@servidoras.org
or Sister Mary Mother of Faith: info@servedelsignore.org
or by using the contact form on this website

You can also write us at:

St. Teresa of Jesus International House of Formation

Via del Monastero #3 Tuscania, (VT)

Italy 01017

phone: (0039)-0761443646

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